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TESS text and email support service

For girls & young women up to 24yrs in the UK affected by self-harm.

Open Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs evenings 7pm - 9pm

Text us on 0780 047 2908, or for webchat click on the box to the right or email TESS.

  • If you don’t know how to start talking, just text or email "hello".

  • We reply to all messages. Our aim is to text back within half an hour and to email within 24 hours during our opening times. Sometimes when we are very busy messages do wait for longer and occasionally we have to reply to emails or texts the following day. You will receive an auto message from us letting you know if we are experiencing a high number of texts and emails.

Please click here to read our Confidentiality policy. 

Information sheets


About TESS

Who is TESS and how does it work?

Confidentiality and TESS

Using TESS for support - Questions you may have

Making a complaint about TESS

About self-harm

What is self-injury or self-harm?

Why do I self-harm?

Am I a freak if I hurt myself?

I'm confused - self-harm helps me

Distractions from self-harm

I want to stop hurting myself


From self-harm to self-nurture


What can I do about my scars?

First aid - National Self Harm Network

Medical info on overdosing and wounds

Getting Support

How is TESS different from other types of support

Getting support for myself

Telling someone else that I self-harm

Having counselling

Dealing with suicide

Having suicidal thoughts and feelings

Serious about suicide

Mental Health

What is mental health?

Dealing with thoughts

Understanding feelings

Mindfulness Meditation

Ways of relaxing

Other stuff

Does someone you care about self-harm?

Ideas for coping with anger

Ideas for coping with flashbacks

About sexual abuse

What is emotional abuse?

Dealing with feelings

Self-help ideas including Rainbow Journal

Self-harm spectrum

Stories of hope


Feedback Please use our online feedback form to tell us about your experience of using TESS. If you would like to make a complaint about TESS please go to our complaints page for details about what to do. These are the channels we use for receiving feedback on our services.

Volunteering Could you volunteer with TESS?