We need concrete action, not outrage

With reports that self-harm by teenage girls has doubled in the last 20 years, we need to remember that self-harm is a symptom, and now more than ever, we need to examine the causes Read more

Is Self-Harm a Feminist Issue?

There’s no denying that self-harm is an emotive and often distressing issue, but responses which reinforce some of the very reasons women use self-harm are as much a reason to consider self-harm a feminist issue as the causes. Read more

The awful truth is that attitudes like these show we still aren’t taking young people’s mental health seriously

After 30 years supporting people who use self-harm we still find that these are some of the most enduring myths, and it is both saddening and frustrating to see them being parroted in a national newspaper by a medical professional who should know better. Read more