We're really pleased to announce that we are able to re-open our UK-wide self harm helpline for women and girls offering non-judgemental compassionate support on Tuesday evenings from 7-9.30pm as well as Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 22nd September 2020.

We are incredibly happy to announce that the UK-wide CASS Women's Self injury Support Helpline is open again Tuesdays, as well as on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9.30pm on 0808 800 8088.

Although we were able to keep our text, email and webchat services running remotely, our phone service has been more tricky to run, for both technical and confidentiality reasons. But with the easing of some lockdown measures, our shiny new office risk assessment and amazing volunteers we are able to take calls again on Tuesday evenings.

Our Director, Naomi Salisbury, said "It's a great feeling to get our helpline up and running again for three nights a week, as we know how important it is to be able to access support in different ways and hearing another person's voice can make such a difference. I'd like to highlight all the support services staff and volunteers who have worked so hard to keep our other services running and to get the helpline open again - they have been amazing and are utterly committed to making sure we are there for women who need us."