Self-Injury Support presents a collaborative zine: a space to creatively and openly reflect on and communicate experiences of self-harm.


It can be hard to find spaces to think about or talk honestly about our experiences of self-harm; this might be particularly hard during Lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, as the social realities of our lives change or perhaps intensify. And Covid-19 might impact our experience of self-harm in different or difficult ways, and it can be hard to find space to talk about that as well.

We believe in the value of our experiences, and in creating innovative and interesting ways to share them and to support one another.

With this in mind, we are producing a one-off collaborative zine, a resource created by people with experience of self-harm for people with experience of self-harm.

We invite you to submit anything at all that feels relevant to your experience of self-harm that you want to share: whether that’s a poem, a story, a diary entry, a drawing, some personal writing, or anything else you want. You can respond directly to how Covid-19 has impacted you and your experiences of self-harm, or you can submit something more general, it’s completely up to you. Whatever it is that you want to say or express, and however you want to communicate that, it is important and we want to hear it.

We’ll compile the submissions, and the zine will be available for free on our website, for anyone who needs or wants it.

You’re welcome to submit your work anonymously or to choose to be credited under any name that you prefer and we will do our best to include all submissions.

If you’re making a submission please do put your health and safety first – it can be helpful to process and explore our experiences creatively, but it can also be difficult or painful. If you feel like you’ve been distressed while working on a submission you can find information about our support services here, you can find self-help resources here, and you can find an experience-led self-help resource here

As this will be a collaborative and public work, we would also encourage you to think about potential triggers for others in your submissions, and aim to avoid specifics about self-harm methods that could trigger others who self-harm. If we are worried that a submission might have potential to be particularly triggering then we will reach out to the creator to discuss whether particular details can be removed without losing the meaning of the piece or whether it will be included without changes but with appropriate framing or content notes. All decisions will be made collaboratively.

You can make a digital submission online by emailing or sending a file transfer to [email protected], but if you prefer to send something on paper then please post your submission to PO Box 3240 Bristol BS2 2EF.

The deadline for submissions is 31/10/2020, and if you have any questions at all or need support with making a submission please contact our collaborator Veronica Heney at [email protected]