Self-help ideas

Feeling like you might want to self-injure/self harm? Here are some ideas for things that might help.

The self-harm spectrum

Our online self-harm spectrum is a way to help you  think about self-care and self-harm as two sides of the same coin. You can look at your behaviour and think about ways to promote your own self-care. You can use this resource as a one off or regularly over a period of time to give you an understanding and an insight into how your behaviour can change.

Online self-harm spectrum

Self-harm spectrum to print (pdf)

Dealing with feelings

An interactive resource with ideas and inspirations to support yourself to express different feelings.

Dealing with feelings

Express your feelings by writing

Writing exercises are a way of expressing feelings and can also distract you from wanting to self-injure.

DIY writing suggestions (pdf)

The Rainbow Journal

The Rainbow Journal is a book aimed at helping young people move from self-harm to self-care. It has blank pages for writing about feelings and for drawing. It includes artwork, quotes and poems by young people who self-injure. Individual copies are free if you’re ordering a copy and you’re under 18yrs. It’s £8 if you are 18yrs or over.

To order a copy, print and complete the order form below and post it to us. If you experience any difficulties ordering a copy using the order form you can email our office or telephone 0117 927 9600 and we’ll be happy to help.

If you prefer, copies are available to buy at Amazon

Please note: We are unable to take orders for Rainbow Journals through the TESS text and email support service.

Order a Rainbow Journal (pdf)

Ride On

A booklet of poetry by young women with experience of self-injury.
Available to download (pdf)

Self-help for self-injury booklet

Self-help for Self-injury is a booklet for any woman who is struggling with self-injury. It aims to help you understand and tackle what causes you to want to hurt yourself. Price £5.00. Ordered a copy by printing off our order form (pdf) and selecting this booklet.

Read some helpful information

Helpful responses to self-injury

Information sheets

On our TESS page we have lots of information sheets on different aspects of self-injury including what it is, why people choose to do it, how to talk to others, how to stop and lots more.

Other Helpful Resources

Here are links to some other resources about self harm:

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