Listening Services to reopen on Mondays and Thursdays in February 2024

Having experienced funding, volunteer recruitment and capacity issues for some time, we made the difficult decision to close our listening services at the start of 2023. These closures included our helpline, text, email, and webchat support services. We’re really pleased to announce that our volunteers are close to completing their training, and we plan to reopen our text and helpline services on 12th February 2024.

If there is any unexpected delay to this reopening date, we’ll update this page, our helpline/text answering messages and our social media.

What will the service look like in 2024?

Initially, our helpline and services will be open on Mondays and Thursdays between 7pm-10pm. We’re hoping to expand our opening hours in future, and we plan to reintroduce the services we’ve offered in the past (webchat, email) in stages as we recruit more volunteers.

On Monday nights, we’ll be staffed by volunteers of all genders. We understand that many people who’ve contacted us in the past appreciated that we were made up of self-identifying women volunteers, and we felt it was important to preserve this space, so on Thursdays we’ll be staffed by self-identifying women only. However, all genders are welcome to contact us on both nights – we will happily support people of any gender, every time we’re open.

We’re grateful to you for bearing with us while we took the time to work on our services. We knew it was safest for us and for you that we spent time securing funding, training volunteers and doing work behind the scenes to reopen in a way that was more resilient and reliable.

Where else can I get support until you reopen? 

Home - Womankind Bristol

Mind helplines - Mind

Contact Us | Samaritans

NSHN -- Downloads

Helplines - Beat (

Home - Women's Aid (

There are lots of other services that are able to offer support whilst we're closed and many of these are listed here:

Last updated: January 2024