New Integrated service reflects Self-Injury is not just a Young Women’s Issue

For a while now we have been thinking about how we can make our services more accessible to women of all ages. Historically TESS – (our text and email support service) has been a service for young women under 25, but we’ve discovered that women of all ages want to access this service, as well as CASS – our helpline support.

We now have the amazing opportunity to integrate our support services to offer an ageless service via multiple channels. We feel this will bring greater synergy between the services, but also women can choose the support that feels right for them. Women of all ages can now access the helpline, text, email and webchat support without any age restrictions.

From next week our opening hours will be changing so our services can run consistently, have a greater number of volunteers on shift and increase capacity to support more women.

From October 24th TESS and CASS will be open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm-9.30pm.

Many thanks to The Tudor Trust for funding this amazing development.