We are not going anywhere - our text and webchat services are still open 7-9.30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We are working on getting email and phone support up and running as well. We know this is an incredibly anxiety-provoking situation for many people and that a lot of usual support services are unavailable. Please get in touch if you need support, even if you have never used our services before.

I'm writing this update for our organisation after our first online team meeting where we discovered that we are both not great at the tech, but not as bad as we thought.

The meeting has left me feeling such a sense of gratitude and pride to be working with the team of amazing women that make up Self injury Support. In the face of such a strange situation which is mainly leaving me feeling very helpless and powerless, I am so grateful to be able to come away from talking to my colleagues with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

We are also really aware we're lucky to have our team at such a difficult time, and now we want to know what the most useful information and support that we can provide with our collective energy would be.

We are in the process of updating our online self-help materials and aim to add more information on coping with isolation, uncertainty and the impact of previous experiences and trauma on the current situation.

BUT we are very open to suggestions about what you would like to see on our site and tips and ideas for coping that you would like to share with others.

We know we are not the experts in individual situations, but we are in a position to share information and support ideas widely.

Please tell us what you would like to see or for others to know and we will be sharing a series of blogs and social media posts over the coming weeks.

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