*** We have filled all our volunteer places for now. Please check back in summer for new opportunities ***

We have a wide range of activities planned for the next 18 months. If you want to get involved in any of the ways listed below - or you've got ideas of your own - email our Community History Worker, Rosie Wild, at [email protected] or call her for a chat on 07756 905343.

Volunteer activities

  • Planning and production of a podcast and a short film 
  • Research and writing historical pamphlets 
  • Creating web pages for Self Injury Support’s website 
  • Curating public exhibitions  
  • Facilitating workshops about women’s activism 
  • Online event planning and delivery 
  • Designing educational resources 

All volunteers will receive full induction training from Self Injury Support as well as training specific to their role. They will be supported by our Community History Worker and reasonable out of pocket expenses will be paid. 

All activities will take place remotely until further notice.