The Rainbow Journal


A self help resource with artwork, quotes and poems by young people who self-injure. Contains useful tips for them to gain insight and awareness of their situation. Read more

Booklet - 'For friends and family'


A booklet for anyone who supports somebody who self-injures. Read more

Booklet - 'Understanding self-injury'


A booklet for anyone who wants to understand more about self-injury and why someone might feel driven to hurt their own body. Read more

Hidden Pain Information for Family and Friends


An information booklet for family members/supporters of people with learning disabilities who self-injure Read more

Working With People who Self Injure Training Pack


*SALE* Was £120, now £40 A comprehensive training pack containing trainers notes, learner resources and additional materials and referral appendices. Read more

Hidden Pain DVD


A DVD of people with learning disabilities talking about their experiences of self-injury. Read more

Self-injury support and self-help groups


This booklet is for anyone interested in setting up or being involved in a self-help group. Read more

Hidden Pain Training Pack


A training pack for those working with people with learning disabilities who self-injure. Read more