Callers in Crisis


Administrative staff and those providing telephone support and advice often the first point of contact for service users. Grounded in best practice, this one day course develops confidence and communication skills to respond safely, appropriately and confidentially to people experiencing crisis.


This training day is currently available ‘in-house’ throughout the U.K. and Ireland and can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. If you have a group who would benefit from this training and would like us to come to you, phone 0117 9279600 or email

Course Programme

  • explore what is meant by ‘crisis’ from a variety of perspectives (service user, personal, agency)
  • explore what might be underlying service users distress at times of crisis
  • reflect upon the challenging calls that they receive within their individual work settings
  • explore skills and responses that are supportive when responding to people in crisis on the telephone
  • discuss organisational issues raised and action plan to address them
  • consider their own needs within a supportive environment

Maximum Group Size: 16 people.