Working with Young People in School who Self-injure


  • To develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of self-injury – its nature and reasons for it
  • To explore the needs of young people who self-injure
  • To identify strategies to reduce / stop self-injury
  • To start to think about policy development within the school setting
  • To think about widening awareness and understanding in the whole school


Dates, costs and to book a place

Alternatively, in-house training can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and is delivered throughout the U.K. and Ireland. If you have a group who would benefit from this training and would like us to come to you phone 0117 927 9600 or email.

Course programme

This  training day effectively combines theory and practice in a way that aims to meet the needs of those working specifically within the school setting, with young people who self harm.

* What is self-injury?

* Why do young people self-injure?

* What are the needs of young people who self-injure? Strategies to reduce / stop self-injury.

* What issues are raised when working with self-injury in schools?

* Assessing current provision

* Developing policy and procedures

* Widening awareness and understanding within the whole school

Teachers want to be able to talk about self harm at a broad conceptual level (77%), as well as know what they can say to offer advice and support to individuals who are self harming (82%). Cello/Young Minds 2012

Participant Feedback

“One of – if not the best training day in twenty years of teaching – thanks Fiona!”     T. Wilks, Dauntsey’s School

Right now I feel like I have the knowledge to help young people with self harming as I understand it so much more. Very useful and interesting day. Thank you!”         V. Frane, Braunton Academy

[Something I particularly enjoyed was] constructive conversations with other staff about school-specific procedures and other people’s experiences.”     K. Hughes, Cotham School

Excellent delivery, very knowledgeable.”    F. Airey, Fairfax School

Thank you. I am sure that we will now be able to develop a whole school policy following your excellent training.”     Teacher, Croesyceiliog School