The Rainbow Journal is a self-help journal designed by young people affected by self-injury with the aim of helping others who self-injure.

We receive up to 50 requests a week from young people affected by self-injury a for these self-help journals which we send for free to anyone under 18. 

This works out at over 1000 journals each year, but we only have funding for 400 free journals this year.

We desperately need to raise more funds to keep up with demand and make sure every young person who needs a journal receives one.

Young people using the journal have told us:

"It helps me to express my feelings and the poems and quotes help a lot."

"I can get my anger out by writing it down or drawing.  I have stopped self-harming because this book helped me."

How You Can Help

£10 pays for the printing and postage of one journal

£35 pays for a set of five journals to be sent to a school or youth project

£100 pays to print and send all the requests we receive in one day