We regularly work with researchers and are keen to support research in this area, but we have to balance this with our mission and responsibilities to our beneficiaries as a charity. This includes only circulating research information that aligns with our values and ensuring our staff capacity is focused on supporting our beneficiaries.

You can submit requests to share research to [email protected] but please read the following information carefully first:

We are keen to support research which furthers understanding and care for self-harm, however as a small, experience-led charity there are a few of areas we have to consider:

  • Our capacity as a small organisation running a national support service – the majority of our staff time is spend on frontline support so we have limited time to respond to research requests and circulate information about research.
  • Ethical considerations about the nature of the research. By this we do not just mean checking that you have submitted and received ethical approval from your university. We also consider what you are asking participants to do and the impact this could have on them, the intended benefit and practical implementation of the research beyond the end your research project, whether very similar research has been carried out and participants are being asked to contribute their personal experiences to research which is replicating previous work.
  • How you intend to support participants taking part in your research and to inform them about the findings and practical implementation of your research. We would expect to see a protocol about how you will support participants and update them after your research is concluded.

To request research support, we will need you to send us the following information along with you request:

  • A copy of the questions you intend to ask participants;
  • A copy of your participant information sheet with a named contact and including information about how you will update and inform participants about the results once your research has concluded;
  • A copy of the follow up information and support you intend to provide to participants which includes appropriate support options which you have checked out are available to your participants and easily accessible and including Self injury Support’s online resources;
  • A copy of your ethical approval from your ethics committee;
  • Statement about data processing and management if not included in your participant information sheet;
  • Statement about confidentiality and any safeguarding protocols if not included in your participant information sheet;
  • A link to online information about your research which does not require people to download a document;
  • A short statement explaining how you have considered our ethical considerations as outline above

Please include all of this information when you contact us. As a very small organisation we do not have the capacity to chase for information, so if it is not provided we will not be able to consider your request.