We're willing to talk about the things that others aren't

"The more I looked into your site and the different worksheets and things, the more tears welled up in my eyes. I'm not alone. I realise that, and there’s people here to help me. They don’t know me but they’re there and they care about me. A total stranger."

Marriage and Relationships within Cultural Contexts

Come to our final free wellbeing workshop for an opportunity to explore experiences of marriage/partnerships, within a cultural context. The workshop is for individuals who are genuinely interested in this topic and would like to deepen the conversation by sharing their experiences – highs, lows, challenges and celebrations.




Author: Sabita Burke

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I am writing this because I need to read this - guest blog from Hattie Porter

I felt worried about writing this. It feels self-centred to be so focused on what I’m going through amidst the scale of a pandemic. But that’s exactly why I need to write this. Because I am not the only one feeling like this. Because sometimes just hearing an echo of your own thoughts is enough to feel less alone for a little while.

UK Support Groups and Other Services

Comprehensive listing of local and national self-harm and self-injury support groups and organisations



Support Services: Take Our Survey!

If you have recently used our support services (helpline, text, webchat or email) we would really like your feedback in order to help evaluate and improve our services.


Author: Sabita Burke

Discover Our History

Welcome to our project to research and record the history of Bristol Crisis Service for Women (BCSW).


Author: Sabita Burke

Our impact


A fantastic 99% of professionals who attended training with us last year rated the training event as 'good' (24%) or 'excellent' (75%).


Since 2013 we have responded to 91, 970 messages via our text, email and webchat support services, providing vital support to women affected by self-injury. 


The number of free Rainbow Journals we have sent out in the last five years to help young people move from self-injury to self-care. 

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