In writing this we have tried to make no assumptions about who you are, the resources you may or may not have available to you, or the home/work set ups you find yourself in. We hope very much hope it will feel inclusive and welcoming wherever and whoever you are.

With generous contributions of many people with experience of self-harm we have developed a five-part self-help resource for self-harm in relation to the Covid-19 crisis - click on each section for more information and please feel free to download and share:





Covid 19 has touched each and every one of us, and we will all be experiencing our own unique situations. Different situations bring different challenges. These will be shaped both by the pandemic, and also our pre-existing realities of oppression and privilege, and where these dynamics intersect.

Our aim is to create resources which are led by what people who self-harm tell us they have found helpful, not just what we think, and that is why we asked others who self-harm to tell us what they are finding helpful just now.

We want to thank very much indeed the respondents to our survey, whose generosity and wisdom has provided both content and the heart of this resource. Every single thought, suggestion and strategy has come from people with direct personal experience of using self-harm as a way of coping, and as such has been road-tested and found useful.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to these resources with their experiences.

If you would like to give us any feedback or suggest things to add please get in touch on [email protected]

We would also really like to feature creative work by people who self-harm such as pictures, photographs and writing - if you would like to contribute please contact us on [email protected] - all work will be clearly credited to the artist, unless you wish to be anonymous.