Welcome to our project to tell the story of Bristol Crisis Service for Women (BCSW) through the voices of the women who made it happen.  

Started in 1986 as a feminist collective, BCSW grew into a national charity in the 1990s. Its non-judgmental, non-directive peer-led helpline helped thousands of women feel heard and held in times of crisis. Its groundbreaking research and training helped change how women using self injury were viewed and supported, not just in Bristol but across the UK.   In 2014 BCSW changed its name to Self Injury Support to better reflect its purpose  and we’re still going strong. 

Over the last year we have interviewed 22 former staff and volunteers from our pioneering organisation, learning about its successes and challenges, such as: how BCSW survived when many other peer-led organisations fell by the wayside; why self injury a feminist issue; how listening can be such a powerful tool for change; why did everyone loved the volunteer training so much!

Now we're using the interviews to create a series of podcasts, pamphlets and exhibitions and a website - and we need plenty of help. So if you've got a skill to share and would like to get involved in the creative process, or fancy joining one of research and development groups that make sure our voice stays true to the organisation, please get in touch. Use the link below to check out our latest volunteering opportunities. 

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