Adapted from Basic First Aid by the National Self Harm Network and British Red Cross – access the leaflet here

  • Apply pressure to the cut and hold the affected area above the heart (if possible) until the bleeding stops 

  • If the bleeding does not stop after applying pressure for 10 minutes, seek medical attention

  • Rinse the cut(s) under running water or clean with alcohol-free wipes, and make sure there is no dirt in the cut(s) which could cause infection

  • Gently dry the affected area with a clean paper towel

  • Apply a plaster to close the wound, or if needed apply a sterile dressing

  • Seek medical attention if the cut was made with a non sterile object or if there is a risk of any dirt or foreign objects remaining in the wound

ALWAYS make sure your tetanus injections are up to date 

Please seek medical attention if:

  • you think the cut may have become infected

  • it is not healing properly

Signs of infection include:

  • swelling

  • redness and increasing pain in the affected area

  • pus forming in or around the wound

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