Three Months to Save Our Services

For over 30 years, we’ve offered support to thousands of women and girls in the depths of despair, but now we need to ask for help ourselves.


We're only £268 from our £60000 target - can you help us get there?

In October we thought we might have to close down our unique national self-harm helpline - we can hardly believe the response we've had since then!

In just under four months donations, fundraisers and pledges from funders mean that we have raised almost all of the money we need to secure our services for those who need them most in 2020 and beyond.

If you feel able to share our appeal on social media, whatapps, email or any other way one last time we'd really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for all the support we've been shown this year - it has been a huge boost to all of our staff and volunteers to know how valued our work is and how many people we have helped.

Self injury Support offers direct support by phone, text and webchat to women and girls across the UK affected by self-harm.

Many of the women and girls we support have been affected by abuse and trauma, many are suicidal and all of them desperately want to talk to someone who won’t judge or ignore them, and who understands the complexities of self-harm.

Self-harm is on the rise in the UK, especially amongst young women and the likelihood of dying by suicide is increased 35 times if you’ve previously used self-harm.

I can’t thank you enough.

You’ve saved my life.

Can you help us provide vital support to vulnerable women at high risk of self-harm or suicide?

In the current climate, there is less and less funding available for small organisations like ours which do unique and vital work, but don’t have the capacity to fundraise full-time.

The best way to help secure our services is to sign up to a small monthly donation.

If everyone reading this was able to donate £5 a month the service would be fully funded and we would no longer need to constantly apply for funding grants.

We know £5 a month is not affordable for everyone but any support you can give by donating or sharing this appeal is hugely appreciated.