Who We Are and What We Do 

Self injury Support (SiS)is a national organisation that supports girls and women in emotional distress. We particularly help women who harm themselves, often called self-injury. 

We have carried out extensive research with women who self-injure. Through our work we have developed a deep understanding of the reasons individuals harm themselves and of the things they may need to help them overcome their self-injury. 

We also have wide experience of the concerns and needs of workers in different settings and disciplines, and in developing good working practice. 

Involvement of volunteers 

Volunteers are essential to our work and form an invaluable part of the organisation.  Volunteering roles are distinct from paid roles but complement the work we do overall. 

 Self injury Support recognises and values the contribution volunteers make to the organisation.  As Self injury Support benefits from the skills, experience and enthusiasm of volunteers, we believe that volunteers should also be able to benefit from their involvement with us.   

We are committed to providing relevant opportunities and appropriate support, and regularly review our policies and practices to ensure we achieve this. 

Self injury Support seeks to involve volunteers to: 

  • Contribute to the provision of services by Self injury Support 
  • Contribute to projects delivered by Self Injury Support 
  • Ensure our services meet the needs of all our current and prospective clients 
  • Provide new skills and perspectives 
  • Enable people to contribute to wider society and to benefit from their involvement 

Self injury Support believes: 

  • Volunteering is a valid activity in its own right 
  • Volunteering is not a substitute for paid work. 
  • Volunteering should be a positive experience 


Self injury Support aims to make volunteering opportunities available to all sections of the community.  We aim to make recruitment and selection materials available in a format accessible to any individual or group, upon request. We also: 

  • Have an open and transparent system for the recruitment of volunteers 
  • Offer all potential volunteers the opportunity to find out more about the role before committing themselves 
  • Ask all potential volunteers to complete an application process which we aim to make as informal and friendly as possible 
  • Request references where appropriate 
  • Require applicants for roles involving contact with children, young people or vulnerable adults to agree to relevant background checks 
  • If we are not the best match for a volunteer we will try to signpost them to other appropriate organisations 


Volunteer Role Descriptions 

Each volunteer role will have a role description which gives an outline of the basic tasks. These role descriptions will be discussed with each volunteer and adaptations or changes can be negotiated in line with volunteer and organisational needs. 

Volunteering is an activity undertaken through choice and although we ask volunteers to sign a volunteer agreement, we do not enter into any contractual agreements with volunteers. Volunteers are free to leave their roles at any time. 



All volunteers are entitled to have agreed travel and other out of pocket expenses reimbursed on the production of proof of expenditure. Details of expenses claims are in the Volunteer Induction Pack. 


Induction and Training 

Self injury Support will: 

  • Provide all volunteers with an induction, and a copy of the Volunteer Induction Pack 
  • Provide all volunteers with an opportunity to discuss the induction information and any issues with their supervisor 
  • Provide training for the role as appropriate 
  • Encourage all volunteers to participate in further relevant training and development opportunities where there are funding and resources available 


Support and Management 

Volunteers will be assigned a supervisor who will be the volunteer’s first point of contact. This person is responsible for providing ongoing supervision, support and guidance.  

Self injury Support will provide volunteers with adequate and appropriate facilities, equipment and resources to enable volunteers to fulfil their roles. 


Problems or Concerns 

We hope that any problems or complaints can be dealt with by the supervisor of the volunteer through the usual support and supervision systems in the first instance.  

We also operate a Volunteer Disciplinary and Complaints Policy which can be found in the Volunteers Induction Pack. 



Volunteers are covered by employer’s liability whilst they are engaged in authorised activity on Self injury Support’s behalf.  


Health and Safety 

Volunteers are included within Self injury Supports Health and Safety Policy and are expected to work in line with appropriate health and safety guidance at all times. Health and safety will be included as part of the induction. 


Equal Opportunities and Diversity 

Self injury Support is committed to equal opportunities and the promotion of diversity in respect of both paid staff and volunteers.   

We seek to protect volunteers and staff from harassment and discrimination as outlined in our Equal Opportunities Policy included in the Volunteer Induction Pack. 


Confidentiality and Data Protection 

Volunteers are expected to adhere to the same requirements for confidentiality as paid staffSelf injury Support will maintain personnel files (which may be paper or electronic) for all volunteers which may include: personal contact and emergency contact details, application and selection information, records of support, supervision and training activities and any complaints or grievances made or received. 

All personal data will be treated in accordance with Data Protection legislation, and volunteers are entitled to have access to personal records relating to their own involvement.