We are not medically trained and do not give any kind of medical advice. If you have hurt yourself and are worried, we encourage you to seek medical attention by calling an ambulance or going to A&E or other medical support. If you're unsure what to do, you can call 111. They can give you medical support over the phone and advise you on what to do. 

If you're speaking to us and you've told us who and where you are and we think that what you have done has put you at risk of significant harm or death, we would have to call an ambulance. We understand this might be frightening, but we can continue to support you over text. However, we would have to end a helpline call at this point to speak to emergency services, so we could not continue to support you over the phone. It is always your choice about whether you tell us your details and we will never ask for them. We are not able to trace calls, IP addresses or your location. 

You can find more information on harm minimisation and wound care by following these links:

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