We support people of any age and gender who feel a self-injury listening service is right for them. On Monday nights, we’ll be staffed by volunteers of all genders. We understand that many people who’ve contacted us in the past appreciated that we were made up of self-identifying women volunteers, and we felt it was important to preserve this space, so on Thursdays we’ll be staffed by self-identifying women only. However, all genders are welcome to contact us on both nights – we will happily support people of any gender, every time we’re open.

If you're not sure if we are the right place for you to seek support, we are really happy to explore this with you, and work out whether we feel like a service that could be helpful to you.

If you are worried about a friend or relative who is self-injuring you can get support from us too. We don't give advice, but will give you the time and space to talk about whatever you need.