A selection of resources to support you going forward and making change in the world. Put together by Charlotte Randomly, these resources compliment our In It Together: Skills for Listening and Change workshops.

Hell Yeah Self Care, by Meg John Barker 

This zine is all about why self-care is important in difficult times, what kinds of self-care there are, and how you might build them into your life.

Social Mindfulness, by Meg John Barker  

A zine exploring the the social sides of mental distress and how we might notice them and address them with kindness.

Healing Through Collective Change, by Divine Botanica

Centering Black and People of Colour, this zine explores racism as a intergenerational trauma, and shares practices to support our emotions and build resilience.

The Resilience Framework, by Boing boing

This is an interactive tool that explores all the different factors that make up our resilience. It is strengths-based, which means it focuses on what you already have in place, rather than suggesting there are more things you need to do.

Recognising our strengths 

This online tool gives some information about how we can recognise our strengths, and the strengths of those around us, for greater resilience and care.

Self and Collective Care

A short zine looking at key ideas from self and collective care put together by feminist activists from the Global South.