We are very excited to announce that the archive developed from our Women Listening to Women Oral History Project now has a permanent home at Bishopsgate Archive in London.

The archive includes oral histories, administrative papers, ephemera, photographs and logbooks relating to Bristol Crisis Service for Women (BCSW) and Self Injury Support (SIS). Oral history audio files and transcripts which were recorded as part of the 'Women Listening to Women' project make up part of the archive, as well as papers relating to BCSW projects; papers collected by Fiona Macaulay; administrative papers; helpline service records and admin; papers relating to helpline volunteers and papers relating to training, workshops and conferences from 1974 to 2022.

The archive is a key step in preserving the history of Self injury Support and making the wealth of knowledge and experience from the founding and development of the organisation available to future generations and current researchers and other interested people.

This material is kept in offsite storage so will need to be pre-ordered 7 days before consultation. For more information please email [email protected].