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Understanding self-injury

For those who self-injure, professionals and anyone else who wants to understand self-injury. This booklet explains what self-injury is and why someone might feel driven to hurt their own body. There are ideas for help and lists of resources and further reading. Explanations are illustrated with quotes from people with personal experience of self-injury.
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ISBN 978-0-9531348-1-6

Self-help for self-injury

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This booklet is for anyone who is struggling with self-injury. It is also of value to professionals wishing to help someone overcome self-injury. It aims to help an individual understand and tackle what causes them to want to hurt themselves. Individual's own words help explain the ideas discussed.
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ISBN 978-0-9531348-2-3

For friends and family

The aim of this booklet is to help those who want to understand and support someone who struggles with self-injury. An important focus is the feelings and experiences of supporters. There are quotes from partners, family and friends, and ideas to help supporters cope with their own feelings and needs.
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ISBN 978-0-9531348-3-0

Self-injury support and self-help groups

This booklet is for anyone interested in setting up or being involved in a self-help group. It examines the practical concerns as well as some of the particular issues that may arise in a group supporting people who self-injure.

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ISBN 978-0-9531348-4-7