Self injury Support is featured in a new YouTube channel just launched by Bristol Mind which aims to bring a range of perspectives and useful information to people struggling with their mental health during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Videos cover topics such as managing anxiety, mindfulness and home working, as well as the Self injury Support video about coping with self-harm. In the video, our Director Naomi Salisbury suggests what might be important to consider if you use self-harm such as first aid, harm minimisation and listening support.

More topics will be added in the coming weeks and Bristol Mind hope that the content will be useful to a wide range of people, while also being realistic about the challenges people with existing mental health difficulties are facing at the moment.

In addition to working with others to create resources, Self injury Support has developed a self-help hub for coping with Coronavirus on our website with sections including harm minimisation, self advocacy and first aid.

You can watch the self-harm video here and find the Bristol Mind channel here.